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Customer Relations Superstar | Project Pathfinder

"From troubleshooting to triumph, I've got your back every step of the way." - Amy

Amy brings over 12 years of project management expertise to ensure all our projects run as smooth as silk. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional client relations skills, she steers our ship from inception to completion with finesse. Whether consulting, advising, or managing, Amy is the linchpin of our team, keeping us organized and on track for success. 

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Technical Titan | Code Commander

“Pixel by pixel, line by line, I take what you give me and make it more fine.” — Clif

 Our resident digital dynamo, Clif, aka the Web Whisperer. Whether he's slinging code like a cyber sorcerer or consulting on the latest web development trends, he's our go-to guy for all things digital and print—our very own digital doctor! 

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Chief Imagination Specialist | Happy-Happy-Smile Maker

“There is no way you can be grumpy when I’m in the room!” — Darcy

She is beauty, she is grace, you can't help but smile when you see that face. This spreader of joy and maker of magic loves unicorns and tea parties, and brings sparkle and wonder to every corner of our office. 

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Emily W.

Social Strategy Sage  | Digital Diplomat

“Delivering vibrant landscapes of engagement onto blank screens across this nation” —Emily

She’s all about that social "strategery" with an ability to organize chaos and a deep love for all things strategic. You can find her sprinkling sparkle and building bridges between brands and their audience, one calculated campaign at a time. 

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Emily Z.

Word-Slinger | Commas corraler

"I love to dig down on your story. Together, we can give it wings.” —Emily

Emily brings nearly two decades of creative writing prowess, from quippy marketing copy to in-depth editorial exploration. HVAC systems, check. The impact of fast-fashion on the environment, check. When she’s not crafting the perfect sentence, she’s wrangling two kids, two dogs, and a sewing machine.


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Dream Weaver | Web Wizard

"Weaving dreams, one pixel at a time." —Jessica

With over a decade of weaving digital dreams, Jessica brings a blend of front-end finesse and back-end brilliance to every project. From crafting captivating visuals to diving into custom code, she's the creative force that brings ideas to life. 

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Digital Creative Connector | Passionate Brand Builder

"I bring joy. I conquer challenges. I am your digital maestro." —Madeline

Celebrating creativity and innovation, she is the Director for Digital Creative Connections with a passion for transforming brands into digital powerhouses. With a blend of strategic insight and creative flair, she specializes in crafting captivating narratives that resonate with audiences across the digital landscape. Madeline will weave magic into your brand's story and propel it to new heights! 

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Digital Dynamo | Content Crusader

"Words wield worlds; let's build them together." —Makenna
Armed with a freshly minted master's degree and a passion for writing, she's a jackette-of-all-trades, tackling everything with gusto— from writing to proofreading to INSERT YOUR REQUEST HERE. With boundless enthusiasm and a sharp focus on diversity and inclusion in marketing and communication, she's primed to carve a path of innovation and impact in the world of words. 

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Master of Strategy | Driver of Delivery

"Hard work shouldn’t mean no fun—let's get it done with a side of joy." —Maria

A marketing maestro, Maria composes a master strategy to engage your target audience and fill those seats, err sales. With over 27 years of experience, she brings a wealth of expertise to orchestrate a symphony of experts selected to harmonize your messaging and deliverables. Whether you have a clear vision or need a seasoned leader to navigate the strategic landscape, Maria ensures you march to the right tune. When she's not bringing a world of imagination to life, she dedicates her time to scaling mountains and spearheading the creative direction at our firm. 

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Creative Cat | Doodle Designer

"Creativity is life.” —Sarah

Before Sarah entered the Graphic Design field in 2013, she worked at an art studio from the age of 16. Before that, she filled piles of sketchbooks with ideas. Before that, she colored on walls (but signed her sister’s name so she wouldn’t get blamed for it). Have a creative problem? She wants to help solve it. Need a pun? She kern do it. 

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